Designer Portraiture

Portraits portray you. A portrait will tell your story or send your message. Every portrait says something.  The question is, what will yours say? This is what Designer Portraiture is about. Identifying who the portrait is for, it's purpose, and then designing it to speak without words. 

Designer and Portrait Artist Brenda

Designer and Portrait Artist


Designer and Portrait Artist

Brenda opened Genuine Image in Las Vegas, NV in September of 1994. In June of 1998 she moved to Seattle, WA. She has an international clientele but most of her work will be found in the Greater Seattle and Portland areas.  

When scheduling your Design Interview please let us know if you'd like to speak with Brenda via Skype or by phone.   

The Design Interview

In your Design Interview we will go through three steps:

1) The purpose of your portrait/s.  Who is your viewer? What are your portraits message to the viewer. You will be taken through a small education on how portraits work in communicating. With these tools our portraits are intentional for our use in home decor, for advertising and marketing, personal branding or for the perfect gift. 

2) With over 20 years of experience in image design and photography, you can trust you will have portraits that, you not only look great in, but will also serve their purpose. We start by knowing our message, then we design so everything in the image supports the message.  These elements, bold or subtle help tell your story.  They are also key in design so your portrait works congruently with where it is placed. In the Design Interview you will be asked specific questions to unfold your style and the message of your portrait.  This helps us quickly know what you are attracted to. This is very important when we are telling your story. Your story could be, appreciation for each other, fun, adventure, change, confidence, a goal reached, romance, caring, listening... This list is a short sample, most importantly it is what you want to communicate or never forget.

3) After we understand your purpose and we know your style, we create a mental picture. Now we put everything in place to make it a reality.  Think of it like this.  If you were to hire a chef to come to your home to make the most amazing meal of your life, your dream meal, and the chef arrived and only had what cookware, food you had on hand and 30 minutes before meal time, they are probably going to make something better than you would, but it wouldn't be their best work.  First, if they knew your favorite types of food, they could shop, as well as bring the right pots and pans etc. Portraiture is a lot like cooking.  We need to know what we are going to prepare before walking into a kitchen and saying, you are an amazing chef, cook something for me, and the chef is to open the cabinet to saltines. Our design is the recipe we create.  During this part of the appointment we discuss what it will take to create our desired out come.  The designs are uniquely you.  The best you.  During this part we will also answer any questions on wardrobe, how to prepare, what if you have difficult people, camera fears, slimming, etc.  We set a date for your session and this is where it is really exciting.  At this point you can see in your portrait in your mind and we work together as a team to create it.

The Design Interview is complimentary.  It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other and make sure we are a great match.

Location and Lighting

Genuine Image offers two types of lighting setups.  Your session might require one or both. 

Full Studio Lighting:

When your design suggests we are inside a home, office, winery, cool old building interior, yacht, restaurant, barn, etc, we bring in our full studio lighting to light the walls, furniture and of course, you! 

Outdoor Studio Lighting:

When your design brings to the great outdoors from the water lines, mountain tops, even if this is right in the middle of the city, we have an outdoor portable lighting set up we bring to give you flattering and professional lighting on your face while having the style of the outdoor location in your portrait.  

Our Session fees start at $250

Portraits and Portrait Files

As unique as you are, so are your portraits.  We haven't personally designed every detail to put you into packages. Our portraits and portrait files are a la carte.  

Executive Portraiture is typically, but not always, selected right after the session on the session day.

Family and Designer Portraiture are scheduled in your home with a projection viewing on the wall where you might like to see your portrait/s displayed.  This gives us and opportunity to see the head-size to viewing distance and how the piece will fit the space.  It will also show the emotion of the image and how sets the feeling of the room. 

Our advertising files are finished portrait .jpgs and ready to be used (.png files are available).  We have three options for you, which will depend on what you will need your portraits for, such as the cover of a magazine, large ads or regular marketing.  All three options include a print, web, small web and LinkedIn pre-sized files so you can immediately be off and running.  When working with Agencies, work is provided as required.

For our Family and Designer Portraiture we like to suggest finished portraits that are ready to be displayed or gifted. Our Wall Portraits are displayed in the of finest homes as custom artwork of the most important people expressing the best of their relationships. Our Wall Portraits are Custom Frames-Handcrafted Canvases.  They are what a real portrait is.  From start to finish, every detail is important as we know what these will mean to you with time. 

You will find across the Sessions, Executive and Family/Designer, digital files to finished portraits, that our a la carte system is a straight forward simple formula.  You will be able to estimate your investment at any point in the process by knowing your purpose. In the design process we are designing specifically to your purpose.